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Culture Fix

What is this?

For audiences, this is a way to find all of the exciting digital content that cultural organisations produce in one place. And to support those organisations with donations if they choose to.

For cultural organisations it is a way to reach new audiences with that digital content.

It's a simple portal, easy to navigate, and a direct donation channel.

Anyone can swiftly find out how to support arts organisations locally or nationally, whilst discovering other new stories, connecting with creativity, reliving past performances, unearthing inspiration for home-schooling, and exploring more deeply if they wish.

We know the arts are already an essential and immediate part of the COVID-19 recovery process for everyone. Across the world people have been singing and playing, making animations with their kids, reading poetry, and dancing in their living rooms and on their balconies. People everywhere are turning to the arts for inspiration and solace.

How does it work?

To submit content to be featured simply complete the short submissions form and, after a few quick checks to make sure everything is in order, it will appear on the site.

Any donation links go directly to the cultural organisations’ own donation portal, we do not take any fee and receive no financial benefit from any donations given.

Why should I donate?

Arts charities employ thousands and deliver riches for us all, both across society and for the tax man. But right now many performers, technicians and back-office teams could be struggling for months due to cancelled shows, limited trading and fewer donations. Yet they are still a source of joy and good news, packed with stimulating creative talent, and guardians of our shared heritage. They deserve support and need their audience more than ever. Even a small amount can make a difference.

Recovery is in our hands, and together we can keep the wheels turning. We'll all remember how we responded when it counted the most: from washing hands, to helping hands, to (one day) clapping our hands once again.

I’ve got a great idea/suggestion

Then let us know! You can drop us a line at [email protected]. This is a new initiative and we don’t have a monopoly on good ideas, we want this to work as well as it can for the people looking for content and the organisations supplying it.

How can I help?

Tell people about this, submit content, let us have your ideas.

I’ve spotted a mistake

If you see something wrong then let us know and we'll correct it as quickly as we can: [email protected].

Who are you?

We are Substrakt, a digital agency who work with cultural organisations around the world. We have created all this proactively and pro bono to try and help more organisations reach more people in this time when venues have had to be closed, and performances cancelled.