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A two-day online festival that looks into the rituals of dancing and masking in times of social distancing. How do these rituals happen in online space? What are the solutions that can empower us and activate our bodies? How do we navigate through this switch between private and public space? What kind of knowledge and ideas can we extract from new media artists and dancers? Together, we will create an online experience that stays part of our memory as festivals do. Last few months, our movements and ways of communicating have been impacted by a global crisis. Distances between our bodies in public and private spaces have been regulated by new measurements. Our freedom of movement is on hold. Dancing became possible only in private, and suddenly it has a different meaning and context. It introduced another form of visibility, “performing” for the web camera on our online meetings, dates, events. In the beginning, it felt weird and awkward, but we are adjusting to it. Now it is time to emancipate the online body and get a deeper understanding of the new realness. It is time to unmute the body.

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